Finance/Accounting 101: Direct and Indirect Costs

Direct Cost (Finance/Accounting): Can consist of fixed and variable costs, but that is 100% dedicated to a service, an asset, etc (Apptio, 2018; Investopedia, n.d.a.).  Imagine you buy a new laptop.  The cost is fixed direct cost to acquire it.

Indirect Cost (Finance/Accounting): Are costs that are shared amongst a service, an asset, etc. (Apptio, 2018).  Let’s look at the laptop you just bought above.  Even though the price of the physical laptop is fixed and direct, you have indirect fixed and variable costs associated with it.  Some of the indirect fixed cost will come from purchasing software, OS license, virus and malware detection software, etc. While some of the indirect variable cost will come with how much electricity you will spend to keep your laptop’s battery charged. Indirect costs can be hard to find if your budget isn’t transparent (Apptio, 2018).


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