Communication with English as a Second Language

Comunicación en inglés como segundo idioma

Key takeaway / Llave para llevar

  • Paraphrased quote: No one will know what you wanted to say but didn’t, so don’t worry if you forget something. They will remember how you made them feel.
  • Cita parafraseada: Nadie sabrá lo que querías decir pero no dijiste, así que no necesitas preocuparte si olvidaste algo. Recuerda, nosotros solo recordamos cómo nos hiciste sentir.

How to do a podcast

In this post, you will get a behind the scenes look as you learn what it takes to produce your very own podcast. An opportunity to increase your presentation skill potential through this new landscape. This interactive session will teach attendees to learn how to plan, prepare and produce their very own podcast. You’ll get a bird’s eye view on the ins and outs of what it takes to become a successful podcaster. As an added bonus, the attendees of this seminar interacted and became a part of an official District 58 Podcast recording.

Below is the PowerPoint presentation I gave:


The raw audio file can be found below:

Whereas the production quality audio file can be found below:

Links to the products I used can be found: